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        Welcome to Bainian Shengdian Furniture
        Service Hotline 0755-23010623
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        One stop

        One stop

        New Products

        Contact us

        Contact: Mr. Yang
        Mobile: 13590392566 (micro signal)
        Landline number: 0755-23010623
        QQ number: 1835714286
        E-mail: 1835714286@qq.com
        Production Address (Shenzhen): Shengdian Industrial Park, Jiazitang Avenue, Guangming New District, Shenzhen
        Production Address (Huizhou): Shengdian Furniture Factory, Linwu Village, Yuanzhou Town, Boluo County, Huizhou City

        Project bidding

        Project bidding

        Thirteen years of industry service experience
        1.0018 billion registered capital strength
        Senior Engineering Bidding Service Team See More
        Complete bidding qualification

        Complete bidding qualification

        China Environmental Labeling Product Certification
        ISO9001, 14001 and other certificates
        CQC product certification
        Office ...

        See More
        Office furniture customization

        Office furniture customization

        Professional team on-site survey
        Multi-space style selection
        Multi style free match
        Tailored personality space

        See More
        Quality commitment

        Quality commitment

        Government procurement supplier
        Strictly control product quality
        Three-star service quality assurance
        Excellent product re...

        See More
        Service system

        Service system

        24H measurement scheme
        36H internal feedback solution
        Processing after-sales service in 72H
        One-stop furniture experience ...

        See More